Bar Blanche Bar Blanche


Alc. 8.5% Vol.


Blonde and bold! Finally ready to meet the world: the first blonde beer of our series. Full-bodied, with a rich foam collar and a beautiful fizz… But don’t be fooled by her looks. With her 8,5%, she’s the strongest beer we have brewed so far.

Bar Belge Bar Belge

Taste profile

Bar Brutal is a pale blonde, pearly beer with an exquisite layer of frothy foam. In the nose: a reserved aroma with a soft tang of citrus. The flavour is crisp, spicy and well-hopped. The bone dry finish makes Bar Brutal a fine example of the Belgian Strong Blond Style.

Ben Vinken, beer sommelier


In all honesty, who doesn’t like a pretty blonde with character? A feast for the eyes, a pleasure for the taste buds: we created a classic in the making. But beware, you will meet her most daring side before you know it…

Bar Belge
Strong blond beer
Energy 60,25 kcal / 100 ml
8,5% Vol
23,6 IBU
33 cl, 3 years shelf life
Pouring temperature 6 - 9°C

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