Bar Bo Bar Bo


100% beer.


Mission accomplished! With its full-bodied, spicy and hoppy taste, our non-alcoholic beer, Bar Bo, is a clear winner. Bar Bo is everything you expect from beer, without the slightest shred of guilt. Enjoy Bar Bo unapologetically and raise a glass to your health in good conscience. Enjoying beer without limits? Bar Bo shows it can be done.

Bar Bo Bar Bo

Taste profile

"Bar Bo is a golden, amber-coloured beer with a rich frothy foam on top. It is characterised by a understated nose of malt and fresh herbs. Bar Bo is full-bodied, crisp and malty with slightly roasted accents of malt in the aftertaste. This is nicely-balanced, smooth and pleasant beer."

Ben Vinken, beer sommelier

What’s in a name?


With Bar Belge as its shining big brother, we delivered Bar Bo into the world.

Bar Bo represents the beauty in life and the beauty in beer. Bo as in beau, got it? All the while, Bar Bo also stands for nearly 0% alcohol.

Beer lovers ♥ Bar Bo. Why? Because you simply cannot resist its tempting full beer flavour, low calorie count and fresh herbs. And to brew Bar Bo, we only use natural ingredients and no added sugars.

100% beer, low-calorie. ALCOHOL FREE





Bar Bo
Alcohol-free amber beer
Energy 24,13 kcal/100 ml
0,4% Vol.
22 EBC
28 EBU
33 cl, 2 years shelf life
pouring temperature 6 - 9°C

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