Bar Blanche Bar Blanche


Alc. 5.8% Vol.


Bar Blanche is a flavour bomb. Its rich, malty taste will delight any wheat beer aficionado. And its lovely cloudy colour and pleasantly creamy head will please the eye. But its real surprise is a subtly sour, saline spiciness. Our brewers will never spill their secrets, but they can reveal a hint: it is yuzu, the Asian citrus fruit, that gives Bar Blanche that extra punch. Anytime is the right time for this refreshing wheat beer. From the very first sip, you will know that Bar Blanche is a beer like no other. Dare to drink different.

Bar Blanche Bar Blanche

Taste profile

“Bar Blanche has an elegant, golden-yellow colour and a beautifully dense head. The aroma is a floral perfume with the scents of wheat and coriander. The flavour is full, spicy, refreshing. This is a wheat beer with plenty of body. A slightly sour aftertaste makes it just as refreshing on a hot day.”

Ben Vinken, beer sommelier

The new white

Our brewers didn’t hold back when they developed this iconic wheat beer. Besides the grains that have traditionally provided this specific malty flavour, they also experimented with some unusual herbs and spices until both taste and texture were exactly right. Their dream beer was born. The subtly sour, even saline spiciness is a surprising touch. And in addition to coriander, a staple of wheat beer, some less predictable flavours have also found their way in. Yuzu, the Asian citrus fruit, is just one of the things that makes Bar Blanche such a refreshing choice for any occasion. Perhaps you’ve already identified some of the other secret ingredients? Give Bar Blanche a go: dare to drink different.

Bar Blanche
White beer
Energy 45,11 kcal/100 ml
5,8% Vol
16 IBU
33 cl, 2 years shelf life
Pouring temperature 6 - 9°C
Inox barrel, 20L

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