Bar Belge Bar Belge


Alc. 6% Vol.


Bar Belge is different. Different from what you are used to. Different from what you find elsewhere. If you like all things different, you will like Bar Belge. We combine the best of beer: Bar Belge smells dark, looks amber and tastes blond. Turn any occasion into a unique beer moment and relish its extraordinary spicy, refreshing taste. Made by gourmets for gourmets. Dare to drink different and make every moment count.


Bar Belge Bar Belge

Taste profile

"Bar Belge is an amber-coloured beer with an exquisite layer of frothy foam. In the nose: a bomb of spices and roasted malt. On the palate: bitter hops and delicious spices that complement each other. This is an elegant and fresh amber beer with a sizzling finish."

Ben Vinken, beer sommelier

Crack the code 5-3-5

The mystery of our 5-3-5 recipe? Bar Belge is brewed with five select types of malt. Three types of hops ensure a delicate balance of rich aromas. And to crack the code ... hops are added at five key moments.

Bar Belge
Amber specialty beer
Energy 48,27 kcal/100 ml
6% Vol.
27 EBC
37 EBU
33 cl, 3 years shelf life
Pouring temperature 6 - 9°C

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